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Find the Best EPOS System for Your Business

Are you tired of your old cash register? Make business tasks easier by implementing an all-in-one system including EPOS software. Among the most important functions, an EPOS system will support you by:

  • Monitoring sales 
  • Carrying out transactions
  • Tracking the inventory 
  • Organising CRM
  • Supervising the staff

Whether your business is a restaurant, a retail shop, a hotel, a pub, a café, a gym or a beauty center, an EPOS system will help you manage sales, payments, stock, staff and customer relationships. Besides that, when implementing an EPOS solution there are many other practical advantages to benefit from.

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What Is EPOS?

A Point of Sale is where a purchase takes place. Electronic Point of Sale systems are used by retailers, shopkeepers or professionals to scan products and perform payments and income transactions.

EPOS solutions always come with different components as part of the EPOS hardware:

  • touch screen monitor
  • pole display
  • barcode scanner
  • cash drawer
  • card reader 
  • receipt printer

EPOS systems are smart solutions that make the purchasing process smoother, and more secure. They can be used in a wide variety of business sectors:

  • large-scale distribution
  • retail
  • hospitality
  • take-out food industry
  • beauty & wellness

EPOS equipment consists of hardware, the ePOS terminal, and software that is suited to the particular business environment. Besides the components mentioned above, it is also compatible with computer keyboards, weighing scales, and other accessories required in different business areas.

EPOS has extended functions such as the connection of sales with inventory, direct integration with credit card payment systems, reporting, and customer database management. These abilities make EPOS systems useful tools to coordinate your sales, stock, and Customer Relationship Management.

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EPOS System Prices

There are several ways to obtain an EPOS system in the UK.

1. EPOS system rentals
Often the decision to rent or lease an EPOS system is not only made because of cost issues, but more importantly because the maintenance and upgrades are often included in the setup. The renting prices can vary, starting from around £25 per month.

2. Second hand EPOS systems
The price for used EPOS units starts from £69 or £99 depending on modernity, functionality and the state of the product. A difference in cost can also be determined based on the components of the EPOS hardware.

3. New EPOS systems
The price for a new EPOS system ranges between £650 and £2500, though the costs vary based on the type of EPOS. It is possible to either buy just the software or a combination of hardware and software, plus additional features, apps and updates.

Here you can find an overview of EPOS prices for every type of business in the UK: Get EPOS Now

Benefits of EPOS

  • Flexible, secure and easy to use
  • Time saving and cost cutting
  • Easy transaction management 
  • Tracking of sales and inventory 
  • Tailored to every business 
  • Multi-functional and efficient

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A Point of Sale system is required in all types of stores, restaurants, centers and hotels. EPOS software understands the complexity of hospitality and retail businesses, and therefore meets all the needs required to run them.

Purchasing an EPOS system requires a certain initial investment, which pays off within the year. Nowadays, POS technology has upgraded the electronic till with more functions, by integrating stock information, sales, and customer relationship management.

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EPOS Software

There are many different EPOS software versions on the market, suitable for all types of businesses. EPOS software is the brain and the core of the ePOS system, without it the EPOS units would not function.

When buying EPOS software, the most important step is to check its compatibility with the EPOS hardware.

Among the wide variety of EPOS software to choose from, restaurant owners can benefit from integrated takeaway systems, which take over the management of orders and deliveries while increasing the speed and quality of the service. They can also be used for staff management, by creating personal accounts in order to track employees’ sales operations.

In a hotel, EPOS software helps manage bookings and retrieves all customer information including contact data.

The software is highly customizable and is offered in several variations to suit your business. It allows you to manage crucial tasks such as sales, inventory, reporting, customer relationship management, and many more to ensure a continuous flow within the Point of Sale.

As EPOS software operates on an internet connection, there is a slight threat of viruses, defects and malfunctions. But this can be avoided or minimised by installing antivirus software. It is worth investing in a high quality EPOS system in order to benefit from the system for an extended period of time while avoiding crashes.

Types of EPOS

There are several types of EPOS solutions, so it is important to choose the right one according to your type of business. The most visible difference can be seen between retail EPOS systems and hospitality ePOS systems.

The newest type is cloud EPOS, which operates on an internet connection in order to offer high flexibility. There are many EPOS software providers, all providing different features which are being continuously improved.

Open source POS software is a free licence, including a publicly disclosed source code that everyone can edit, update or implement on their EPOS system. Needless to say that free software have their pros and cons and are not as reliable as EPOS software.

All EPOS systems contain the basic functions such as inventory and customer management, a cashier function, and takeaway order management for hospitality users.

E POS_system

4 Steps for Choosing the Right EPOS System

1. Start with defining the needs of your business
Identify all the features, processes and services necessary to run your business. If you already posses an electronic POS and you simply want an upgrade, figure out which processes you are missing.

2. Check the required hardware
It is important to work out what equipment you need to make your EPOS work. For some systems you can use your existing equipment, whereas others require you to buy new hardware.

3. Define a budget
You need to set a budget in order to know how much you are willing to invest in an EPOS system. The budget should be based on the size of your business.

4. Find and compare different EPOS systems
Do research in order to inform yourself about different EPOS solutions and providers. Check reviews and follow current discussions online.

Once you choose the best EPOS system solution for your business environment, install it and enjoy all its features. Look into upgrades, add-ons and apps that could enhance your EPOS, and maximize the benefits you receive.

To receive free quotes and professional advice, or to get in touch with our EPOS suppliers, please fill in the form on the top of this page.