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Why Is Electronic POS So Popular In These Days?

You are now probably deciding whether to invest in an ePOS system or not. You are contemplating what advantages it would bring to your business and if it is worth the investment. Many retail and hospitality businesses are now switching to ePOS software, because they see the benefits of ePOS systems. We are bringing you reasons, why ePOS solution is good for you.

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Why your business will take advantage from implementing ePOS software:

  • safe and quick transactionsElectronic Cash Register
  • easy employee management
  • connection of sales and inventory
  • real-time reporting
  • constant overview of your business
  • customer relationship management

Advantage of Real-time Inventory Control

Annual inventory check is a must for your business. But is it really enough to do it only once a year? What if you have a problem and realize it half a year after it occurs? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have solved the problem just at the time it occurred? Yes, and from that reason there is a possibility of real-time stock control by using ePOS software.

The advantage of ePOS system is its ability to connect sales with your stock, so you can get immediate information about how much was sold and what is available in your inventory. This function can be quite useful in the store. Often your customers want to know, if you have certain goods available in the storage. With ePOS they can now make reservations or see when it will become available.

Advantage of ePOS in Flexibility

With ePOS system you can be anywhere and still have access to your store, restaurant or hotel. You just need a tablet, iPad, phone or laptop in your hands and be connected to the internet.

EPOS is now going through a revolution called cloud ePOS. Basically, you can store all your data online and enjoy access to it anytime, anywhere. Such ePOS solution has gained its popularity not only because it is convenient and practical, but also because it doesn’t require high investments.

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Advantage in Quick Reporting

If you have worked with a cash register, you understand the struggles of counting cash at the end of the day. If you are a restaurant owner, you probably keep track of how many customers you had each day of the week.

You want to know what are the busiest and the most profitable parts of the day, so you can focus on them.

You want to know, what kinds of goods are sold the most and what kind of meals are the most popular among your customers.

Naturally, you need to know all of that information to run your business and keep costs low in order to make a profit. Investing into ePOS system can make a difference for you.

EPOS software is designed to do all the reports and statistics for you, so you can easily download all the data and see the results yourself.
Moreover, it is the best way to avoid human errors.

Advantage in Employee Management

Another advantage of EPOS system is that it finds its assertion in employee management. Each of your employees can have their own account that enables them to clock in/out and access special functions. By that you can measure your employees performance and track them.

In some businesses they have applied the ePOS system to track their staff in order to recognize the top employees. And as you probably know, such “competitions” help to enhance employee motivation to work.

With ePOS system you can also record your staff activity. You can see who was doing transactions, reservations, and who was dealing with certain customers.
Such an overview of your staff activity helps you to avoid fraud and contributes to fair working environment.


You can adjust the costs of ePOS system to your business needs and finances.

Possibilities of ePOS system purchasing:

  • EPOS for rentEpos Price
  • Lease ePOS
  • Buy a new ePOS system
  • Buy a second-hand ePOS
  • Cloud ePOS

The most popular option these days is cloud POS thanks to its low costs and convenience. Cloud POS does not usually require any fees, or they are very small. Purchasing of cloud POS is enriched by extensions and apps which are being constantly developed and updated. You can just simply download them to your software.

Don’t be afraid to rent an ePOS system. In some businesses it can be a better solution than investing into a completely new one.


The big advantage of electronic POS is that it requires much less equipment than your old POS. You replace the old till with an electronic cash till, barcode scanner, and touch screen. Additional ePOS equipment such as integrated scales is also available.

The great advantage of ePOS is that you can adjust it to the needs of your business, just as it suits to you.
If you want to go completely wireless, you can use just a tablet, iPad, or smartphone.

Customer Satisfaction and Marketing

Good customer relationships are the core of the success of your business. You can now use the ePOS system to get your customer data and issue loyalty cards, make promotions, and special offers.

EPOS software is provided with integrated tools for monitoring your customers activities, so you can adjust your marketing and offers to your customers’ needs.

We are aware that your desire to purchase an ePOS system has risen after reading this article, and we are prepared for it! Just fill out the form on the top of the page and expect a call with professional advice from us. We will help you for free, with no strings attached.