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Last Updated: 10. March 2016

Top 40 Retail Blogs


The Retail industry is one of the most competitive business environments. If you want to be successful, you constantly need to follow the current trends. You also need to know what is new in the world of retail technology, how to approach new customers and gain their loyalty. You just simply need to frequently educate yourself and observe what your competitors are doing. So we decided to make it a bit easier for you and have scoured the web to find the top retail industry blogs for you to get some inspiration from.

What criteria influenced our decision?

Among all the blogs and webpages we looked through to find those that bring the most value for retailers, the leading criteria was the quality and arrangement of information, as well as an overall impression.

All featured nominees are welcome to use the code below to place the badge on their sites.


K3 Retail is an informal company blog, looking at events and news from the world of retail and technology. It is one the largest retail blogs covering numbers of topics about whatever comes to mind regarding the retail industry.

K 3retail

Retail Focus

This magazine is focusing mainly on retail design, events and technology. Here you can find inspiration and creative ideas for your retail area, as well as the latest retail technology innovations and trends.

Retail Focus Logo

Retail assist

This company’s blog is full of retail environment related articles. It will attract your eye with its catchy headlines and originality. No wonder that the blog has gained such popularity.

Retail Assist

Oxford Institute of Retail Management Blog

Even if you aren't studying at Oxford, you can get insight into its retail management department with this highly informative blog. It focuses on retail environments from an academic point view, and therefore serves as a quality source of information for all interested in the retail industry.

Oxford Institute

Startups is one of the UK’s leading resources for all of those who want to start, run, buy or sell a business. It is supporting the community of entrepreneurs, and also offers personal advice.

Startups -logo -gif _1

The Retail Doctor

The Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs is an authority among retail consultants and business mentors. He is discussing current news and trends from the world of retail business in a cheerful and witty manner. His blogs contain a lot of quality information in which you can always find inspiration.

Retail -doc -logo _square -150x 150

Retail Prophet

Let us introduce you to the creator of this blog, one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists, Doug Stephens. He has influenced many of the world’s best-known retailers, agencies and brands with his intellectual work and thinking. He is focusing on retailing, business and consumer behavior.

Dougstephens -hq

Total Retail

Total Retail blog is creating content for all retailers. The articles are produced by staff bloggers from Total Retail magazine, specializing in marketing, e-commerce, operations, and management in the retail industry arena.

My -total -retail

Green Room

If you want to get informed about the latest technological, branding, and design retail trends, you should visit the Green Room design blog. This company is offering retail design consultancy accompanied by a professional and well-designed blog.

Green Room

Tony D’Onofrio

Tony D’Onofrio is a professional within marketing, management, and sales. He is interested in emerging markets, mobility, e-commerce, social media, and global cultures. On his blog, he is sharing ideas about leadership, innovation, technology, and global trends.

Tony -donofrio1


Forrester’s Blogs are offering professional insights into the fields of marketing, strategy, and technology management. The articles are rich on information and data, making it a reliable source of retail business developments.

Forrester -logo

KIZER & BENDER's Retail Adventures

Retail Adventures blog was started in 2005 by speakers, authors, and consumer anthropologists, Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender.
KIZER & BENDER's Retail Adventures offers specific and in-depth tips on connecting with customers, setting up your sales floor to sell, and everything else that pertains to retail. In addition to posts, they frequently offer free templates and additional information to supplement their blog posts.

Kizer And Bender


Reading this blog is an adventure through articles accompanied by a number of designed pictures. The author is covering wide range of topics, with a focus on retail technology and innovations.

Retail Next Logo Png

Retail Square

Retail Square is a platform connecting professionals in retail and retail design industry to inspire and share ideas. In their articles you can find some help on how to improve your store’s performance.

Retail Square


An independent agency Design4Retail has created its own blog to inform its readers about the latest in-store updates. The authors are retail specialists focusing on retail design and branding.

D 4r


As it implies from the name of the blog, the author is Richard, a retail consultant providing advice to retailers all around the UK. His articles are full of information and analyses of the constantly changing retail environment.

Richard -Hyman -low -Res -7226

Planet Retail

Planet Retail is a provider of global retail intelligence. Its services are supported by a blog monitoring the latest course of events within the field of retail environment.

Planet Retail

Grocery Insight

Steve Dresser, the owner of this blog, is providing insight into the food retail industry. Steve previously worked for one of the largest grocery store chains, and therefore he can relate to life inside a store. Now he is even personally visiting stores and giving them insight into interested parties within the industry.

Grocery -Insight

Retail TouchPoints

Retail TouchPoint blog is delivering content to retail executives. The articles are aiming towards improving customer experience in the developing retail environment.

Retail Touchpoints1


The editor and business specialist Glynn Davis is delivering a mix of opinions and insights into the retail industry. He also regularly organizes Retail Insider events, and even creates an annual publication of the most influential individuals within the retail industry called Top 100 Movers & Shakers.


Enterprise Nation

Enterprise Nation blog is aiming to create an inspirational environment for entrepreneurs and business owners. The articles cover topics related to business technology, accounting, trade, sales, marketing, and business planning.

Enterprise Nation


TechWorld blog is focusing on how the technology, innovation, start-ups, and developers are influencing the UK business and society. The blog posts are mostly aimed at the world of e-commerce, cloud, apps, mobile, and social media.


Retail Pro International

You will enjoy reading this blog thanks to its catchy articles from the world of retail business. It is an easy read, yet contains a lot of practical information and perceptions about the retail environment.

Retail -pro -logo

Soult’s Retail View

The author of this blog, Graham Soult, is known as a retail consultant specializing on the North East part of the UK. In his articles he is interested in new developments and store openings. The blog posts are usually illustrated with his own photographs.

Soults Retail

Retail Design Blog

Retail Design Blog offers opportunity for retailers, brand managers, visual merchandisers, designers, and architects to share their stories and projects. It creates an inspirational platform, visualised by photos of different types of stores.

Retail Desing Blog

Retail Wire

Retail Wire is provides us with an insight into the US retail industry. It can serve you as a source of inspiration from real-life examples and opinions.

Retailwire -logo -and -tagline


One the must-read blogs, if you are interested in retail design. The blog itself takes pride in it’s well-designed layout, with up-to-date articles capturing retail industry news.


CJ Retail Solutions

This blog is primarily targeting retail business in the UK. It follows the currents trends, events, and innovations.

Cjrs -logo -orange

Webloyalty UK

Webloyalty UK blog targets it’s attention on the digital world of retail. It is looking at the current trends and future predictions within e-commerce.

Webloyalty -banner

Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert who helps companies deliver outstanding customer service experiences. Hyken also is a business speaker and New York Times bestselling author who shares articles and tips on his Customer Service Blog. Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog also covers all things customer service, including customer care, customer confidence, customer experience, customer loyalty, customer relationships, customer service culture, customer service strategies, and more.

Shep _hs _1


This blog, created by a marketing agency, gives insight into the retail environment with a focus on customer experience. They believe that the customer is in the centre of retail, and therefore they provide a look to the retail industry from the perspective of the shoppers.

Lab Store

Loyalty Blog

Customer Insight Group's loyalty blog gives fresh insights and actionable advice that you can implement into your loyalty marketing and retention campaigns. Articles always include detailed findings with useful statistics to back them up. It’s simply a perfect hub for those in retail aiming to engage, keep, and grow profitable customer relationships.

Customer Insight

The Grocer

The Grocer blog was established as a part of a weekly magazine The Grocer, covering the whole FCMG sector. It contains fresh articles covering the news and development in the FCMG industry.

The Grocer

Essential Innovation Blog

The Essential Innovation Blog covers all innovations in retail technology. It is a source of the latest trends and news in the retail industry that meets the interest of both suppliers and retailers.

Essential -Retail -Logo -0500px -sq -150x 150

Medallion Retail

One of the most catchy blogs that will attract your attention from first glance. Creativity, up-to-date topics, and trends from the retail environment for you to dive into.

Medallion Retail

Retail Eye

A blog written by retail consulting agency J.C. Williams Group, which also operates on a global level. Its bloggers will keep you up-to-date about the latest trends and news relevant to your retail business.

Jcw Group Retail Eye

Sales Force

Sales Force blog another very informative and up-to-date blog about business development. It covers areas such as retailing, IT, sales, marketing, customer services, public sector, and also gives some insight into small businesses.

Flatlogos -1


This blog is established by the University of Stirling. Leigh Sparks from the Institute for Retail Studies is responsible for quality articles focusing on interesting issues within the field of retailing.

Leigh Sparks

Retail Info Systems News

Read about the latest retail trends, high performance solutions, innovative technologies, and best-in-class strategies, written by Joe Skorupa. He is both a blogger and the editor in chief of Retail Info Systems News magazine.

Joe Skorupa


The main idea behind is to give its readers advice and inspirational ideas on how they should differentiate among their competitors. As the name implies, the focus is on the customers and their shopping experience.

Retail _Customer _Experience _Logo