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Last Updated: 24. June 2016

Benefit Your Business with EPOS Software

EPOS Software solutions are designed for retail store point of sales, as well as for restaurants and hotel businesses. It is an innovative and flexible solution to run your business smoothly and improve your services. The ePOS systems allow you to have everything in one place, on one device, so you have a constant overview of what is going on in your retail store, restaurant or any other hospitality service that you are managing.

As technology is constantly developing, so is the ePOS software as well. There are many types of systems and they are highly customisable. You can choose an ePOS software with the right functions that suits your needs the most.

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Advantages of EPOS Softwares:

  • Speed & EfficiencyEpos Benefits
  • High Level of Customisation & Flexibility
  • Sales & Inventory Management
  • Staff management
  • Reporting
  • Service Improvement & Customer Satisfaction

Price of EPOS Systems

  • EPOS Rental - starting from £85 per week
  • Leasing an EPOS - around £180 per month
  • Buying a New EPOS - starting from around £1800

The prices vary depending on the size and the supplier of the ePOS system. The larger system you purchase, the more costly it is and the more benefits you will receive.

For some businesses it is more beneficial to rent or lease the ePOS system, so you can enjoy free maintenance services and upgrades.

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Retail EPOS System

EPOS systems enable you to run your store more efficiently and will make your customers want to return again.
Besides an electronic cash register and barcode scanner, retail ePOS can be equipped with integrated scale, if your store requires it.
EPOS software will do the whole inventory and sales management for you. You can just type in the data and then get different reports on how your business is running and improving.

If you are selling bakery and/or fruits and vegetables, you might sometimes face problems with adding the right price or codes to the particular goods. There is an integrated solution for that in retail ePOS software. You can create and manage your own barcodes to make it convenient for you, without any confusions at the till. You will provide your customers with a better feeling from shopping at your store and increase their loyalty.

We know that you also need to be efficient to get the most out of your business. The ePOS solution contributes to running your store smoothly and without excessive losses. There is a software feature that enables you to monitor your stock and get sales reports. There are functions such as setting the minimum and maximum levels. You can also see what items are sold the most and when, so you can adapt the inventory and ordering to your customers’ wishes.

If you are running an online store, there is a possibility to connect the ePOS system with your e-commerce store, so you can control and manage orders and inventory in a streamlined way.

We will help you to find the best ePOS solution for you and save your time and money. Feel free to fill in the form and get in contact with us to receive free quotes.

Hospitality and Restaurant EPOS

Special developed ePOS softwares for hospitality are offered to meet the needs for your daily business operations.
Hospitality and restaurant ePOS systems bring solutions to run your business smartly and help you to improve and quicken the services.

You no longer need your old cash register in your restaurant. Now you can replace it with an electronic touch screen till with integrated ePOS software, so you can manage not only the payments, but also customer reservations, meal orders, and inventory. The ePOS software is designed for the whole food service, so there are special functions for your staff as well as connection with the kitchen.

The functions integrated in restaurant ePOS are table and order management, takeaway deliveries, sales and stock overview, reporting, staff management, and customer relationships management. Epos System Restaurant

Hotel ePOS software is equipped with the same functions as restaurant ePOS systems, plus enriched by several smart tools specifically aimed at hotel environments.

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Cloud EPOS

Cloud EPOS system is a flexible solution especially if you are an owner of more than one store and need to manage them all together. All you need is a portable device in your hand, ePOS software, and an internet connection. If you are in possession of all that, you can manage your store from any place in the world.

Once you choose to switch to cloud based ePOS solution, it can help reduce your costs as well. There are several providers who you can choose from, offering cloud ePOS systems starting from around £30 per month. There are usually no or minimal upfront fees and most of the providers will neither force you to sign any annual contract or charge you a cancellation fee.

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Choosing the Right EPOS System

Choosing the right EPOS system for your business can be a challenging task as there are many types and versions to choose from.
It is a complex decision, since you have to consider the needs of your business, the costs and compatibility of the software and hardware in case you already posses one.

Regarding the retail ePOS systems, there are many types to choose from relative to what you are selling. There are softwares specially suited for grocery store, bakery, pharmacy, clothes store, etc. You should take into consideration what utilities do you need. Is it an integrated scale, barcode scanner, touch screen?

EPOS softwares are highly customisable, so you can adapt it to the needs of your business to get the most benefits.

To get some free quotes and tips for your decision making, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form on the top of this page.