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According to the latest trends in retail and hospitality businesses, the technology that is invested in the most often, is ePOS systems. Electronic POS is now experiencing a boom with cloud ePOS as a star that is shining bright. After looking at all advantages of the cloud point of sale software, there is no wonder why it has gained such a popularity.

The Advantages of Cloud EPOS:

  •       safe and secure data
  •       24/7 access
  •       mobile and simple solution
  •       cost effective
  •       compatible with other software and equipment

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Cloud POS System never sleeps, and that gives you the possibility to access your business data anytime. In case you are temporarily away from an internet connection, the data is stored in the cloud system, safe and secure.

The newest versions of cloud POS software enable you to operate the business even when offline. After you get online again, all the data will just get synchronized.

Cloud EPOS Mobility

The mobility of cloud POS is especially advantageous for you if you are running a restaurant, a bar or a coffee shop. You can easily install cloud POS software on any portable device such as iPad, iPhone, or tablet. These can then be used by your staff for making orders, which can be sent directly to the kitchen. Such cloud based ePOS solutions will streamline your service into running quickly, smoothly, and will help to eliminate human errors.

Cost Effectivity of Cloud EPOS

As the technology development is constantly bringing innovations and improvements, so there is always the possibility or the need to upgrade your POS system in the future. That can become very costly and might not always be suitable for your business situation. However, cloud based POS solutions are designed as SaaS (software as a service) models. That means that there are no upfront fees included in the installation, and the monthly costs are kept at a low level. That makes the cloud POS systems affordable for everyone, especially for start-ups and small businesses.

Cloud POS and E-Commerce

One of the keys to success in the retail business is to connect your physical store with a webshop. Today’s customers like to browse items in the comfort of their homes, but in order to make the buying decision, they need to experience the products, touch them, and feel them. You can now offer your customers these possibilities by setting up a webshop along with your physical store. Using cloud retail ePOS system, you gain the benefits of connecting your online sales and inventory with the in-store sales, and you can access your data anytime from anywhere.

Retail _epos


Cloud POS Updates and Add-ons

Cloud EPOS is an online based solution, which gives the system a possibility to be continuously updated to the newest ePOS systems versions. The updates are done automatically, so you can always be sure that you always have the latest adjustments.

Security of Cloud POS

An advantage of the cloud POS software is that all your data is being stored in the cloud system. By that regard, you don’t need to keep them on your devices, and therefore, you can prevent the possibility of data theft if your tablet or phone gets lost or stolen.

Cloud POS Compatibility

Cloud point of sales software behaves very friendly towards other softwares and devices, and can easily integrate loyalty programs, rewards, gift cards, and other add-ons.

You can easily connect the cloud POS system with an electronic cash register, card reader, touch screen monitor, receipt printer, or any other ePOS equipment that you need in your store, restaurant, or hotel.

Inventory Management

The electronic POS systems come with integrated inventory management, so you can easily get an overview of your sales and stock. The ePOS software allows you to get reports and a real-time overview about how your business is running. All this data can naturally be stored in the cloud system.

You might already be using an electronic POS system, or you might be in the phase of deciding whether to implement it or not. Cloud solution can always be the right way to go. It is a smart solution for your retail or hospitality business that allows you to be flexible and cost effective at the same time.

We are here to help you with making the right decision about the point of sale system that would fit to your business. Just fill out the form on the top of this page, and we will contact you. You can get free quotes from us with no obligations.