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Last Updated: 25. July 2016

From Electronic Cash Drawer to IPad EPOS

As human body enables us to live, ePOS equipment enables you to use the ePOS systems. It works on the same principle as our bodies, so it is important for all parts to be compatible with each other in order for harmonious cooperation. The ePOS software serves as a brain for the body - ePOS hardware.

There are several types of ePOS software and hardware on the market, and it is crucial to decide on purchasing the right one with the right functions for your business.

If you are interested in purchasing ePOS system to your business, we are here to help you with choosing the right one to suit your needs, or just to give you some valuable advice. We do all of this for you for free, with no strings attached. To receive quotes from us, you simply fill out the form on the top of this page and we will get back to you.

EPOS Hardware

The basic parts; an ePOS system consisting of a touch screen monitor and electronic cash till. The additional ePOS equipment consist of a barcode scanner, customer display, keyboard, electronic weighing scale, and tablet.

New technologies enable the developers to constantly come up with innovations such as handheld order terminal that can be used remotely, equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. Its display is specially developed to be able to read in bright sunshine, so your staff can use it for handling orders on a terrace during beautifully sunny days.

All the pieces of ePOS equipment are now being produced to operate wireless, so it ensures the best flexibility for your needs.

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EPOS EquipmentHandheld Pos Device

 - point of sale terminal
 - touch screen
 - electronic cash register
 - barcode scanner
 - electronic weighing scale
 - portable device (tablet, iPad,...)
 - receipt printer

EPOS Software

EPOS software is the brain of the whole ePOS system. It is a very complex software due to the end-users requirements. EPOS software consists of many features that fit to businesses in retail and hospitality environments.

POS systems are very flexible with high functionality, developed on Windows and Unix platforms.

EPOS System Functions For Retail

Nowadays, retail business is influenced by a call for dynamism. You gain popularity by being available for your customers 24/7 where ever they are in the world, and by being able to bring them exactly what is on their mind. EPOS software can make this easier for you with its integrated functions that make the system complex and flexible, working across all channels.

EPOS system is equipped with portable devices such as tablet, which you can hold in your hands while making personal contact with customers, which is an important part of your customer relationship management.

Your ERP system is connected with ePOS system, so you can give your customers information about your goods on stock and order it for them in case their desired goods are not physically available on your store.

Customers love to browse in online stores to see what’s on offer. If you connect your inventory with an ePOS system, you can allow your customers to enter your web shop from their home. The e-commerce features open new possibilities for approaching your customers and building customer relationships.

Using an ePOS system, you can also issue gift cards, where customers can choose their own card value.

EPOS systems for retail are enriched by many more functions about which you can read here Retail EPOS

Retail EPOS Software Capabilities

  • electronic point of sale          
  • supply chain management
  • e-commerce
  • marketing    Epos System

EPOS System Functions For Restaurants

By integrating an ePOS system in your hospitality business you make sure that your service will be quick and seamless.

One of the many advantages of restaurant ePOS systems is that it enables your staff to use a handheld order terminal and send orders directly to the kitchen.

EPOS software can also function as a tool to manage takeaway deliveries. There is even a stock control system in the centre of ePOS system that knows which and how many ingredients are needed to prepare certain meals. That way you can be sure that you will never run out of any ingredients for any meals on order.

Security and trust can sometimes be an issue in hospitality environment. You can set your ePOS system to monitor till drawer openings, so you can see which employee was handling cash and at what time.

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Implementation of EPOS System

One thing is to choose the right ePOS software that suits your business needs, and the other thing is to successfully implement it.
Your ePOS provider will help you with creation and customization of your account, importing your data, and configuration of your hardware.

Make sure that you properly train your stuff, so you can make the most out of the new ePOS system. You can use your ePOS system supplier training, so you can be sure that you know all the information about the system. However, the ePOS software is quite intuitive, and many retailers and hospitality managers find it very user friendly and easy to use.

Once you successfully install and integrate an ePOS system into your daily business, you can count with ongoing support from your POS provider.

The ePOS systems market is very diverse, offering a lot of different brands and ePOS system types. We can simplify your choice by offering you some free quotes. Just fill out the form and we will get back to you, no strings attached.