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Last Updated: 24. June 2016

Every successful business needs to keep updated about new trends and technology developments, no matter if it is operating in retail, hospitality, or restaurant industry.

One of the most important things, according to current trends, is customer satisfaction that results in establishing and keeping a longterm relationship with them. You can reach this by offering a great customer service with personalized attitude. Such a strategy requires a lot of energy and focus, so it is important to have a good technology to help you - and that is the ground for ePOS systems.

A well implemented POS system will guarantee you a fast, smooth and secure run of your business with elimination of your workload.

If you are already on the point of deciding which ePOS solution would be the best for your business, do not hesitate to fill in the form on this page. If you do so, our experts will get back to you with some professional advice suited for your. You can receive up to four free quotes, no strings attached.

EPOS Solutions:

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  • EPOS for Retail
  • EPOS for Hospitality
  • EPOS for Restaurant
  • Cloud POS
  • Open Source POS

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Retail EPOS Software

EPOS for retail is a complex solution for all retailers, no matter what type of goods you are offering or how big your business is. Electronic POS systems are designed as highly flexible and mobile solutions, covering all your business needs from operating with cash to inventory management.

One of the strong advantages for retail ePOS is its portability. The technology development has gone so far that point of sale system can be operated only via your iPad, smartphone, laptop, or any other mobile device, from anywhere. Thanks to that, you can devote your time to your customers, while showing them your assortment on your iPad, or offering them different variations of a product that you have in stock.

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Restaurant and Hospitality EPOS

Suppliers of ePOS systems offer solutions also for restaurant and hospitality businesses. EPOS systems developers are aware of high demands regarding customer service in these types of businesses and therefore they are coming with ePOS software that enable to connect several units such as cash register, ordering devices and kitchen in order to cooperate and communicate together. In such way, your staff can tap orders into a portable ePOS device and it will be sent directly to the kitchen.

EPOS does not have to work only as an electronic till. It has its utilisation in hotel environment as well. There it is used for bookings, customer relationship management and other tasks that hotel management requires.

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What Benefits Does EPOS solution Bring to Your Business?

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  • Connection of Different Operations in One Device
  • Quick and Smooth Service
  • Better Customer Relationship Management
  • Best POS Solution to Fit Your Needs
  • High Spectrum of EPOS Software Add-Ons

We specialize in ePOS systems and we would be happy to offer you more information and some advice in case you want to choose the right ePOS solution for your business. If you are interested in free quotes from us, fill in the form on the top of the page and we will contact you, with no strings attached.

More Than a Barcode Scanner

EPOS equipment varies depending on how you want to use it and what kind of business you are running. The ePOS hardware consists of a cash register, touchscreen display and additional devices such as barcode scanner, weight scale, printer and ePOS portable devices.

When purchasing a new POS system, you need to make sure that your old hardware is compatible with the new one. You can always turn upon your ePOS supplier, who can help you with installation and set up.

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Cloud POS

Cloud based POS is just another version of mobile POS that allows you to operate several businesses from any place in the world. The only thing you need is a mobile device and internet connection. Operating your business with cloud ePOS provides you with instant software updates and add-ons. It is a perfect solution when you are running a franchise or when you need an access to your data 24/7.

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Open Source POS

Open source POS is a solution for all kinds of businesses who do not want to or cannot invest a lot of money into the technology. Open source POS is working as a kind of trial ePOS software developed and updated by others. It can work perfectly in your business, or there might be some errors - this is the disadvantage of free open source POS. Anyone can add updates, so you can get the latest versions of POS software add-ons. On the other hand, there is a risk of threat. Open source POS is a fine solution for all start-ups to see what they can work with and what is the best for the starting company.

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Our team of professionals is ready to help you to choose the best ePOS solution for your business. We can offer you up to 4 free quotes, no strings attached. All you need to do is to fill in the form on the top of this page and we will contact you.