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Do you want to purchase an ePOS system, but only need it temporarily? There is a solution for you! Besides buying an ePOS system, you can also just rent it. Point of sale providers enable you to rent the ePOS systems for anytime you need, it can be for a week, or it can be for several months.
Renting an ePOS system is a perfect idea when you are planning an event and just need a short term ePOS system solution.

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Advantages of EPOS Rental

There are several reasons why some retailers or hospitality managers choose to rent an EPOS system instead of buying their own.
The benefits are mainly in terms of costs and warranty. There are minimum upfront fees when renting ePOS equipment, and the regular payments are fixed without being subjective to inflation. The rentals are usually 100% tax deductible, so you can write off your payments against your taxable costs.

Regarding warranty, the supplier takes care of repairs without any extra costs to you.
Another benefit of renting an ePOS software lies in the free, automatic software updates.
Another useful feature of ePOS software is its ability to report your business data that you can use for overviews, analyses and future plans. That function is highly advantageous for restaurant businesses, or events.

Advantages of EPOS Rental:

  • Low upfront fees
  • Fixed and tax deductible regular payments
  • Software ePOS updates included in the monthly price
  • Supplier takes responsibility for repairs

Choosing the right ePOS for rent might result in a very cost effective solution for your business.

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EPOS Equipment for Lease

     EPOS touch screen
     Cash till
     Barcode scanner
     Receipt printer
     Integrated scale
     Touch screen ePOS system

You can lease the whole ePOS system hardware and software equipment. The supplier will deliver it to your location and take responsibility for its installation. Your ePOS system will be pre-programmed with your items to suit all your needs. Adding to that, the ePOS supplier’s customer service will be available for you 24/7 either on the phone or internet.

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EPOS Software

Your ePOS system provider will make you an offer that will be tailored to your budget and size of your business. That way, making the ePOS rental cost effective while holding its value.

Short-Term Rental of a Cash Register

If you are planning an event or a festival, you can rent ePOS software and equipment just for a short period of time. All the system comes programmed to fit your business specifications.

EPOS System Is Suitable For Events Such As:

Retail _pos _rental

Festivals of Music, Food, Beer,...
Christmas Market
Car and Boat Shows
Sports Events
Art Fairs and more….

Basically, ePOS systems are suitable for any events where you need to operate with money. It helps you to improve your service and avoid human errors. With ePOS electronic cash till you will have an overview of all your money transfers, and you can be sure about its high security.

The ePOS system is flexible, so you can operate it just using your iPad, tablet, laptop or any other portable device. In that way you it will increase your work efficiency while keeping low costs.

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The ePOS touch screen can be programmed for more users, so each member of your staff can work with their own set up account. Thanks to this function you can get an overview of what did which transactions.

Get All the Service

Another benefit of ePOS rental is that the supplier will programme the ePOS software according to your business attributes, so it suits your needs.The programming of the touch screen, cash register and ePOS software is usually included in the price.
Leasing an ePOS system ensures you have customer support anytime you need.

Rent or Buy EPOS Software?

Making a decision between renting or buying an ePOS system is a crucial decision for your retail or hospitality business. Each of the choice has its pros and cons, depending on the character of your organization.

Rental of ePOS systems is designed mainly for smaller and start-up companies that prioritize flexibility and support, while keeping costs low and minimized risks.

Large companies will prefer buying an ePOS software as they can afford larger one-time expenses. Owning an ePOS system can be challenging in terms of maintenance and initial costs, but on the other hand it offers savings in the long run.

If you need help choosing a suitable ePOS system solution, we are here for you. We can offer you up to 4 free quotes from our professional suppliers. All you need to do is to fill out the form on the top of this page and we will get back to you.