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Make Your Service Even Better With EPOS System

There is no other industry which is as much customer oriented as the hospitality business. It is all about how you accomplish other people’s needs and wishes. The level of success of your business is flowing from how excellent your service is. You are of course aware of that and try to do your best, maybe you are already in possession of a high ranked hotel or restaurant in your area, or you are just starting up on the ladder of succes. In whichever level you are, you want to be successful and favoured among both your already acquired and future customers.

We are well aware of the complexity and challenges of hospitality industry and from that reason ePOS systems specially designed for hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, and coffee shops have been developed.

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Restaurant EPOS System - More than a Receipt Printer

EPOS producers are aware that it is important for restaurants to provide better than satisfying service and to be fast at the same time. EPOS systems for restaurants contain specific functions specially designed for restaurant usage. It serves as an electronic cashier, menu display, booking and ordering device, inventory manager and staff manager. It is that one multitasking employee you have been looking for.

EPOS solutions can help you during your busy hours and will never get tired. It will cooperate with you during the whole service process from booking a table for your customers, to them leaving satisfied after an excellent service.

Restaurant ePOS software has a few smart functions that you will definitely appreciate:

Direct connection of meal orders with the kitchen, so once your customers order a dish, their meal starts being prepared without the waiter having to run back and forth.

Management of takeaway orders gets much easier, since ePOS system is able to keep track of the orders, which will quicken your service and make your customers happier.

You probably set special offers during certain times of the day or for specific days. All that you can now manage with ePOS software, where you can set up event pricing for happy hours or special events such as birthdays, company parties and dinners.

There is also a function for split payments and tips, so you do not have to spend time on counting money, as ePOS will do all that for you.

EPOS is also provided with customer management function, so you can keep your customer database and adjust the menus to your customers’ tastes, so they will come back to you again - because we know that it is one of your goals.

Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs EPOS Systems

EPOS offers software solutions not only for restaurants, but also for cafes, pubs, and nightclubs, containing the same features as for restaurants such as table management, ordering, split payments, event pricing, tips, menus and many others.

There is one specific feature for pubs and bars, dealing with pouring of drinks. With ePOS systems it is possible to keep track of the volume of poured drinks during certain periods of time. The manager will get a notification in case a drink is poured without being ordered or billed in the system. Such function helps you to easily keep track of all the sales and inventory you have.

If you connect your ePOS system with portable devices, your staff can use it for taking orders, so confusing situations or ordering mistakes will not occur.

Ipad POS

You can now be much more flexible and hold all your restaurant management in one hand using your Ipad. There are softwares offering features such as booking, inventory reporting, staff and customer relationships management - all that compressed in just one device.

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Hotel EPOS Systems

With hotel ePOS it is possible to manage bookings and integrate the occupants’ information. EPOS software for hotel management contains a combination of features for restaurants and hotel services. It has integrated booking manager allowing your customers to make online reservations of rooms as well as banquets and other events, fast and effectively, without communication problems or lost orders.

EPOS is a highly customizable solution for your hotel business, so you can adjust it to your needs. You can organise the system for different floors, a restaurant and a bar.

EPOS systems are secure, preventing from fraud by a possibility of setting up a finger print touch lock for every member of your staff.

If you have decided to purchase ePOS solutions for your hospitality business, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form. We will contact you with some free quotes no strings attached.

Why should you implement ePOS system software into your restaurant or hotel business?

  • quick and smooth booking management
  • fast and smart ordering connected with kitchen
  • adjustable for events and special offers
  • secure operations
  • overview of sales and stock
  • customer relationship management
  • flexibility and adjustments for your business environment
  • improve service and overall reputation

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EPOS software allows you to manage:

You have tools with which you can analyze the efficiency of your staff, schedule their work and monitor their clock in/out. Thanks to information that you gather from ePOS reporting you can have a tighter control over you employee management, as well as help with cost reduction.

The waiter taps the order into a portable device and it is sent straight to the kitchen. In this way, fast and smooth service is guaranteed.

Table/room booking
Your customers can just simply book their table or room online, so you can focus on different tasks, while having control over your reservations.

Inventory tracker is implemented in the ePOS software, so it gives you overall information about your sales and stock.

You can set up pricing and booking for different events and venues.Hospitality Epos

Customer relationships
Integrated ePOS software allows you to keep in contact with your customers. You can have a report of their needs and wishes, so you can always adjust and improve your business.

We can help you by giving free advice about ePOS systems, or put you in contact with our suppliers. Feel free to fill in the form on the top of the page and get in touch with us.