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Last Updated: 24. June 2016

Face the Business Revolution with EPOS Retail

The world of retail business is now going through a revolution. Customers are becoming more and more demanding and the global competition is at its highest level. Even if you do not intend to expand abroad with your business, you still will face competition with other international providers within your area. You need to keep up with the current retail business development to stay on a competitive level.

The ePOS systems for retail businesses are being constantly developed to meet your needs. You are aware that the best way to succeed is to provide your customers with a personalised service with little or no barriers. EPOS retail software is able to connect your sales and marketing into one complex system while being efficient and cost saving.

Implementing ePOS retail system is a great solution to help boost your business, no matter if you own one or multiple retail stores.
EPOS retail sets you free as it is flexible and can be managed using wireless ePOS equipment.

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If you are looking for an ePOS solution that matches your business needs, we are here to help you. Contact us to receive free quotes and information about suppliers. The only thing you need to do is to fill out a contact form on the top of the page. We will connect you with our suppliers. We do all of that for you for free, with no obligation.

Why should you manage your retail business with ePOS software?


The technology is constantly developing and so does ePOS equipment. You can now manage your store using just one device, from wherever you are. It starts with an ePOS terminal used as an electronic cashier together with a barcode scanner, touch screen, and integrated weight, if required. The terminal can be just a tablet, which you can use remotely, so you can freely move around your shop and be there for your customers.Woman Using Retail Epos


All your data are stored in the system, where they can be analysed and reports can be generated.
The retail ePOS looks simple, but is complex, allowing you to do a lot of various operations by using just one device.

Constant Control of Business

With retail ePOS you have your sales and stock under control. You can generate real-time reports and prevent errors and out-of-stocks. Besides that, reporting gives you an overview of which goods are sold the most and at what times a day. Now you can adjust your sales to fit your customers needs and preferences, and thus improve your service.

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Improvements to Customer Relationships

You can improve your customer relationship management with ePOS systems for retail. There is a possibility to store your customer data, so you can build closer customer relationships and increase their loyalty.

Retail Business Connectivity

Retail ePOS is also a great solution in case you are a multi store owner.
You can now integrate e-commerce with your store by using e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WordPress or PrestaShop.
You might even consider using cloud ePOS system, as it gives you more freedom and possibilities to manage your retail business.

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In-Store EPOS Retail Solutions

Now you can influence your customers’ decisions and behaviour by using:

  • self checkout, self scanning, mobile self scanning, and interactive checkout displays
  • kiosk terminals
  • mobile managed receiving of goods, placing orders, stock and price checking
  • electronic management of loyalty services

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Inventory Management With EPOS Retail

EPOS retail has a built in inventory management module, which enables you to get real-time updates of inventory and balance the stock.

EPOS solutions help you to prevent loss coming from the trade. You don’t have to wait until the yearly inventory, but you can detect a problem much sooner and take an immediate action.

Thanks to a sales database, you can monitor what goods are sold the most, at what times during the day. That helps you to set special offers and to aim at particular groups of customers to improve your sales and customer satisfaction by offering them exactly what they want.

Optimization of Prices and Supplier Conditions

With ePOS for retail you get a chance to optimize the pricing and make sure that your goods match the correct prices both on the shelves and in the system.Using Ipad In Retail Epos System

You get a complete overview of your suppliers, so you can negotiate the best terms and conditions and therefore maximize profits.

Promotions With EPOS Retail

Who would resist an offer “buy one, get one for free”? Exactly, that’s always an attraction and now you can easily manage it with ePOS retail. Promotions and special offers will change your shop to a vibrant place, where your customers can always be surprised by special offers. That will make your clients spread the word about your store and come back.

Data Security

There is always a possibility of threat regarding the security of data, when your ePOS retail software is web-based operated. Therefore, we can offer you a system that is specially developed to protect your data against all external software.

Some types of ePOS retail software have in-built EMS (Environmental Monitoring System), which is useful for monitoring energy consumption, temperature, and power fluctuations. In this way you can save some extra energy and costs.

There are many types of ePOS solutions for your retail and we are here to help you to choose the right one for your business. The only thing you need to do is simply to fill out the contact form on the top of the page and we will get you in contact with our qualified suppliers. All the services are for free, with no obligation.