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Are you constantly seeking for new improvements to run your business in an even better way than now? Do you want to become number one retailer? Then move with the times and discover more about point of sale systems. There are new versions of ePOS systems that you can implement into your business. Let’s talk about mPOS now!

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What Does mPOS Mean to Your Business?

  • Faster payment transactions
  • Mobile sales operations
  • Operational efficiency
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Point of sale for all business sizes

Mobile POS is a great opportunity to speed up payments and improve efficiency, which leads to growth of your business.
MPOS refines the way in-store transactions are made. Mobile point of sale is represented by a device that can be used either as an ePOS extension, or its substitution.

What Is mPOS?

MPOS functions as a POS terminal or a cash register, and is made up of a tablet, a smartphone or any other wireless device.
Mobile POS allows you or your staff to take payment transactions at any place of your business using just one portable device.

In this way, mPOS can be a perfect practical solution for your restaurant or other hospitality business. Your staff can make payments from any place, which will become more cost effective and also improve the customer service that is extremely important for hospitality industry.

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MPOS finds its usage also in the retail industry as a fast-working and cost-efficient ePOS solution requiring only a mobile device and Wifi connection. Using that, you can accept payments from any place of your store, so that you can reduce queues. That will give you a chance to devote more time to your customers and improve your customer relationship management.

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mPOS Price

The pricing of mPOS solutions varies according to your provider and type of subscription you choose. There are several options of subscription on the mobile POS market offering different features. Usually the more advanced point of sale you have, the more you pay.

The cheapest mobile point of sale can be around £17 as a monthly fee, the setup fee is approximately £99. The pricing differs according to you mPOS provider, who can charge a fee for each transaction, usually around 2%.

mPOS Devices

You can choose your mPOS device from 2 different variants:      

  • mPOS dongle

      Connects to your smartphone or tablet physically

  • External mPOS device

      Connects to your mobile device wirelessly via Wifi or Bluetooth     

NFC_payment _mpos

Compatible Payment Methods with mPOS

The flexibility of mPOS does not relate only to its mobility, but also to the payment methods. You can accept payments from contactless cards, EMV chip-enabled cards, and mobile NFC devices.


      For customers who use magnetic swipe cards

  • DIP IT

      Operates with ENV chip-enabled cards


      Contactless payment, requiring NFC - enabled card

Data Security

Among other benefits, mPOS is one of the safest point of sale solutions. The reason for that is in the way the cardholder’s data are stored. They are not kept in the device, but they are saved in the cloud system.

Easy Implementation

Any portable device such as smartphone or tablet can be transformed into mobile POS system. All you need to have is a card reader that you plug into your mobile device. You can obtain it from your point of sale vendor after you download and register the mPOS application. Then you simply plug the card reader into your smartphone or tablet and it is ready to use.

Point of Sale Development

The global trend is experiencing shift from hardware to software, as well as the point of sale systems do. The new technologies are being developed mainly on the field of software and its add-ons. The mPOS applications are being developed to be able to be customized to your business needs and your branding.

The traditional POS providers are struggling with the new technology development and with the fact that more and more retailers are substituting their ePOS equipment with the more flexible and mobile POS solutions.

If you are thinking about implementing an ePOS system, we can help you to choose the best one for your business. Just fill in the form on the top of the page and we will contact you, no-strings attached.