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IPad POS System - All-In-One Device

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Why Should You Consider an iPad POS?

  • All in one POS solution
  • Flexible & Mobile
  • Speeds up your service
  • Optimizes business operations
  • Contributes to higher revenue
  • Low cost solution in a long term

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Infinite Number of Reasons for Implementing IPad POS

Many businesses cannot imagine to run without suitable ePOS systems. The service and operations just become smoother and faster when you have one device that can assist you in the whole business process.

IPad POS is a point of sale system fitting to all kinds of businesses. It can function as retail ePOS, hospitality and restaurant ePOS, no matter how big your company is or what growth stage it is in.

IPad point of sale software is particularly fitting for franchise businesses and omnichannel entreprises thanks to its high mobility and flexibility of use.

If you like to keep yourself updated about the newest retail and hospitality trends, you might have noticed that there is a significant shift from hardware to software business solutions. The same applies to electronic point of sale systems. It is not the electronic cashier anymore that will boost your sales. It is now in the hands of ePOS software.

I POS Mobility

Using an iPad as a point of sale will make your store and restaurant operations much easier and faster. You can move around with one device in your hand while talking to your customers, giving them tips and advice. Then, they can pay you with no need to go to a cash counter and without waiting in a line.

The iPad ePOS solutions will reform your customer relationship management and overall control of your business.

Restaurant _software

Freedom of Use

If you decide for the iPad POS solution, you free yourself from all other devices and wires. Now you have everything on a single mobile device, so you can manage your business wherever you are, whenever you want.

IPad point of sale is a cost-effective solution for managing your business operations. With POS iPad you do not need to hire any additional employees and still you can improve and speed up your service and overall management.

IPad POS software is an application that has all the features to run your enterprise. It is not an electronic cash till, but also inventory and order tracking system.

iPad ePOS Equipment

It’s all about a single portable device and iPad POS stand.

There is almost no need for any hardware, if you are in possession of an iPad. One portable device is enough to manage all your business transactions and customer data.

Depending on the type of your enterprise, you might require some additional equipment.

Maybe a barcode scanner. Maybe also an electronic printer. That is all you need for you daily retail or restaurant operations. The key is the right ePOS software with suitable features and applications.

The last but one of the most important accessories is a cloud system, because all your data will now be stored there. So prepare your wings, because iPad ePOS will make you free and ready to fly in a heavenly point of sale freedom.

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All Payments Accepted by One Device

With iPad POS you can accept all kinds of payments. Your customers can pay you by chip card, magnetic card, or contactless using their mobile device. All you need is an EMV chip card reader connected to you iPad.

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Payments Overview

You can monitor all payments with iPad POS software that will register the transactions. It will allow you to balance your cash drawer and later on you can see your sales reports and trends.

Restaurant POS Software

IPad restaurant POS will make your service and operations significantly better, because it is simply much easier when you are using your iPad as a cash register. You can walk around and accept payments from your customers, so you can eliminate queues and make yourself a great reputation.

iPad POS Setup

Depending on the size of your company, you can either set up your iPad POS alone, or your ePOS software provider can assist you with that. It might take some time to list all your products, prices, barcodes, and customers, so count with that when installing your new ePOS software.

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