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Last Updated: 07. March 2017

What is EPOS Hardware?

Every retail business understands the importance of having a smooth running epos system in place. An epos system comprises of epos software and epos hardware. It is essential to have an epos software that works best for your business. What comes after is choosing an epos hardware for your business.

Business owners often overlook the importance of epos hardware, and the effect it can have on the functioning of their business. Not all POS softwares are compatible with all epos hardware though. You have to first choose a software that meets your business needs in the most efficient manner. After, you have to choose an epos hardware that is most compatible with the software you intend to use.

Investing in a good epos hardware can save your retail business a lot of time, make your customers happier, and satisfy employees. It is the employees that have to operate the epos hardware, and do it with speed and minimal errors. Struggling with an epos system hardware that is slow or ineffective is an employee’s nightmare, because they are the ones facing the customers.

A good epos system hardware combined with an effective software helps in faster transactions at the point of sale, improving business operations, minimising queues, and leaving customers satisfied with their shopping experience.

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To Buy or Rent Epos Hardware?

Deciding on the best hardware can be quite a difficult buying decision for a retailer, for the simple fact that there are so many things to consider first. Deciding whether to buy or rent epos hardware is business specific. If the needs of the business are short term, then it is advised to rent the hardware instead of investing a large amount of money in purchasing all the components.

Renting also gives the flexibility of updating the hardware from time to time. Many suppliers also provide after sale services like regular epos hardware maintenance, when you rent an epos hardware. A credit card machine can be rented by a business for a price between £19.50 - £24.50 per month.

On the other hand, buying a few or all the components of epos hardware is more suitable for businesses that are stable and have a high volume of transactions at the cash register every day. It is then better to invest in quality hardware.

Buying epos hardware requires a lot of research about your business needs in the present, as well as in the future. For your information, some purchase prices for epos hardware are mentioned in the table below:

Components of EPOS Hardware To Buy
Card Reader Machine from £39
Barcode Scanner £25 - £720
Customer Displays from £99
Receipt Printer from £180
Cash Drawer from £60
EPOS Terminal £900 - £1400
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Components of Epos Hardware

There are multiple devices in epos hardware, that a business owner can pick and choose from based on their requirements. Factors for choosing the right epos till for your business depends on the type and the scale of business.

If you are a major supermarket that handles hundreds or thousands of transactions recorded in the cash register per day, it is essential to choose an electronic point of sale system that is fast and also effective.

If your business is managing a restaurant, then it makes more sense to have wireless POS terminals to take orders, send them to the kitchen and the billing counter simultaneously. In addition, the system allows you to also manage inventory in real time. Let’s look at the different components of epos hardware that a business can choose from.

Epos -solutions -b2

1. Card Machine

Some epos hardware packages come with a card payment terminal that enable all types of card payments at the point of sale. There are different types of credit card machines that are suitable for every business.

Portable card machines are most suitable in restaurants so you can take the payment terminal to the customer’s table. They’re connected to the main terminal either by Bluetooth or Wifi.

Mobile card payment machines are very convenient for businesses that provide door delivery for their customers. Another type of card processing machine is the countertop model where it is fixed with the other components of epos hardware like the monitor and keyboard. These can be seen in retail shops and supermarkets where there is a billing counter located in a specific place.

Some card payment machines can also read gift cards and vouchers apart from credit cards. Almost every brick and mortar business requires card machines for processing payments.

2. Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners provide information about the product and their price. They are very useful to have in many businesses. It is easier to scan the product and process the payment rather than typing the code to get the product details. They are also useful in self service stores where the customer can check the details of the product before purchasing.

Barcode scanners have made payments much faster, thereby saving time and effort. There are different types of barcode scanners like handheld and multiline. They are differentiated based on their compatibility to read codes in different angles, speed, and robustness.

Multiline scanners are mainly used in businesses with high volume sales per days, especially supermarkets and malls.

3. Monitor

The monitor is one of the first things to look for in the buying process of epos hardware. The POS terminal come in various forms. It can either be a bulky computer, a monitor or a tablet.

Ipads and tablet are becoming more common these days as they come with a lot more features than traditional systems, and are easy to use with touch screens, thereby eliminating the need of a keyboard.

The ipads and tablets work with a stable internet connection and a merchant account. They are easy to use and makes it faster for the cashier to process payments.

You can either buy an integrated system with various hardware components like the monitor, weighing scale, barcode scanner and keyboard, or you can choose to buy a tablet and other individual components based on specific requirements of your business.

(524)Advantage -POS-B

4. Printer

Having a printer for your business helps in printing receipt which is the only physical proof of a transaction. Receipts help in calculating taxes, refunds and discounts.

Every customer has the right to ask for a receipt and this makes it essential for businesses to purchase a receipt printer for their electronic point of sale system.

The printer comes in various sizes so a business must make sure to purchase one that is suitable for their operations.

5. Cash Drawer

Getting a cash drawer may seem like the most obvious and simple purchase decision. But, there are quite a few complex factors to consider. The most important thing to consider is the security.

Most cash drawers come with a physical lock to keep the money safe. There are some advanced cash drawers have additional features like a secure ID or password to open the cash drawers.

Some of them open only after a transaction is recorded, so that money does not go in or out without a transaction. Again, buying a cash drawer depends on the type of business and the level of security needed.

6. Customer Displays

These displays are used mostly in supermarkets and clothing stores where the customers get to see each transaction and the price details. Some customer display screens come as a built in hardware when purchasing a pos system.

Not all businesses have a requirement of customer display, but it makes it more convenient in enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.

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