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EPOS systems are business solutions for automating certain tasks so they can be done more efficiently. EPOS systems are typically used to automate payment processes, scan product barcodes, and handle customer transactions. This technology includes several components, such as software, hardware, scanners, keyboard, cash drawer, and touch screen monitors, just to name a few.

The price of ePOS systems can vary depending on your business needs and which accessories are required. In the UK, ePOS system prices can average between £650 and £2500. Usually the core price for the ePOS software is around £100. Meanwhile, a stand-alone ePOS costs £1000-1500 (plus a common setup fee of £40).

Moreover, the final ePOS system price might be influenced by several other factors. For example, the length of the warranty, any additional software and hardware features or the type and size of the business. Every company has their own particular needs, such as sales reports, customer database, staff or inventory management, and these also play a part in determining the ePOS system price.

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Find Out Your Final EPOS System Price

When you are looking for the right ePOS system price, it is important to keep in mind different conditions that may change the final price. One of these is the brand of the ePOS terminal and accessories. Some of the most popular brands on the market today are as follows:

  • CCD for barcode scanners
  • Honeywell for barcode scanners, mobile computers, POS, handheld data scanners
  • Unitech for mobile computers and barcode scanners
  • Toshiba for POS and softwares
  • Datalogic for handheld data scanners
  • Apple and Dell for back office hardwares
  • Star and Epson for receipt printers
  • Cielo performance, HP mobile and Aures Yuno for softwares
  • ESET for Antivirus

With such a large amount of features and brands, you can find the right ePOS system price according to your business needs, whatever they may be.

Furthermore, suppliers may offer other kinds of services to be taken into consideration when purchasing an ePOS system, such as, training for staff, on-site installation, technical support and maintenance. If you choose one or more of these services, the final ePOS system price will, of course, change.

Get EPOS For Your Business at an Affordable Price

If you are working within the hospitality industry, you are certainly aware of its complexity and the various demands you encounter on a daily basis. An ePOS system can help simplify your tasks by automating orders, bookings, price list, delivery management, and takeaway orders. Equipping your business with the right ePOS system is like having the right tool for the job, and can it can be a great help when managing your restaurant, pub, café, or bar..

The price you pay for your new ePOS solution will be the right investment for your business, in terms of efficiency and speed. Likewise, having an electronic Point of Sale system in your retail shop or beauty/wellness center will assist you with inventory, customer satisfaction, and staff management. You will notice the differences an ePOS system has on the organisation of your business.. This will result in lower operation costs and more satisfied and loyal customers for your business.

In the following chart, you can get a better idea of ePOS system prices according to the different kinds of business needs they fulfil. 




Convenience stores

Grocery stores


Price range:

£700 - £2400


Jewelry stores

Fashion shops

Beauty shops


Sport stores

Homes stores

Price range:

£1000 - £2500







Price range:

£650 - £2500





Price range:

£1000 - £1500


Hair salons


Nail salons


Price range:

£1000 - £1800


Advantages of Renting or Leasing an EPOS Terminal

In case, you find ePOS system price to be too expensive, you can consider the option of renting a stand-alone system or a part of it. This is typically a smart solution for small companies that need an ePOS system for a limited period of time or they just cannot afford the full-price of a new ePOS system.

There are several advantages to consider when renting an ePOS terminal:

  • Low price
  • Payments are fixed and tax deductible
  • Suppliers take care of repairs/maintenance
  • Upgrades are included
  • Flexible time periods (good for short-run timescales )

 5_advantages _renting _epos _system

However, be aware that the systems that are typically rented out by suppliers have the most basic features and, in addition, your ePOS system price might change due to installation fees.

How to Choose the Right EPOS system for Your Business?

There are many types of ePOS systems and several ePOS system prices to choose from. Depending on your business needs, mPOS systems may be an option worth considering.
A mobile Point of Sale or iPad Point of Sale - can be used as a replacement or in connection with an ePOS system. MPOS systems are an easy-to-use and portable alternative to ePOS.
Whether you are interested in an ePOS solution or a mobile Point of Sale system, follow these steps to facilitate the decision making process, before looking for the right ePOS system prices.

E POS_system _decision _making _process

Firstly, it is crucial to define what your business expectations might be for this new purchase. For example, are you considering this investment as a means to reduce checkout times? Would you like to save time in order to improve other services? Do you want to increase the efficiency of your business? These are only some points to ponder.

Secondly, you need to calculate the ePOS system price according to the needs of your business. Analyse your needs, you may be more keen to choose a classic electronic Point of Sale or you might prefer the newest version of mobile Point of Sale. The second one is more practical, seeing as it only requires you to have an iPad or smartphone in order to operate. For this reason, it could be the best choice for your business if you have a stand, a small café or similar.

It may be in your best interest to first ask for a demo or trial of the software so you can test which version is the best for your business. Be aware that if you choose this option, your ePOS system price can be increased.

Once you are ready to purchase your new ePOS system, but, remember, only trust reputable suppliers.

The Benefits of EPOS Solutions

After about ePOS solutions, after discovering what to consider when searching for the best ePOS system price, you may have realised that an ePOS terminal can help improve your customer service. The newest versions of ePOS systems offer mobile solutions that only require tablets or smartphones, improving speed, flexibility, and efficiency.

Epos _terminal _screen


Choose the Right EPOS System Price According to Your Needs

Getting an ePOS system can be a strategic move for your business, as it can bring incredible value to your company. One of the many advantages of ePOS is the ability to benefit the business by carrying out day-to-day operations that don’t require human.
This enables ePOS systems to play a leading role in managing business operations by integrating automatic functions that are usually performed manually. Many tasks including clerical work, sales records, customer relationship management, inventory management, orders and much more can be accomplished by an ePOS system.

By filling in the form on the top of this page, you will receive up to 4 free quotes that can help you find the right ePOS system solution for your business. Market Inspector will also put you in contact with our suppliers, who provide ePOS system prices and solutions for every type of business.